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405 Tidwell Dr, Alpharetta, GA, 30004
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Special Events Electrical Service Taste of Alpharetta
Special Events
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We take immense pride in our ability to seamlessly execute all electrical requirements essential for any significant Special Event. Our adept team is fully equipped to manage every intricate aspect, right from the initial Set Up to the final Take Down. With an array of offerings including generators and temporary electrical poles with outlets, we cater to power needs for outdoor events. Our dedicated electricians remain at your service throughout the day, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event experience, devoid of any concerns or complications.
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  • Taste of Alpharetta
  • Old Milton Country Fair
  • Alpharetta Street Fest (Arts Festival)
  • Roswell Easter Egg Hunt at Sweet Apple Elementary School
  • Memorial Day Celebration at Roswell City Hall
  • Numerous weddings and parties Alpharetta Tree Lighting

Below are just some of the Special Events we have provided electrical services for:

Meer Knows How to Set up Special Events

Setting up electrical systems for special events involves several important steps and considerations to ensure safety, reliability, and adequacy of power supply. Here are the key requirements:

  1. Power Needs Assessment: Determine the power requirements of the event. This includes assessing the electrical needs of lighting, sound systems, catering equipment, stages, and any other electrical devices. It’s essential to calculate the total power consumption to ensure that the power supply can handle the load.

  2. Source of Power: Decide on the power source. This could be the existing power supply from a building or temporary power sources like generators. The choice depends on the location of the event and the power requirements.

  3. Distribution and Circuit Protection: Plan the distribution of power throughout the event area. This involves the use of distribution boards, cables, and circuit breakers to ensure that electricity is safely distributed to where it’s needed. Circuit protection is vital to prevent overloads and electrical accidents.

  4. Cable Management: Proper cable management is crucial to avoid tripping hazards and protect cables from damage. This includes using cable ramps, covers, and properly securing cables away from areas with high foot traffic.

  5. Lighting and Sound Systems: Special attention should be given to the electrical needs of lighting and sound systems as they are often the largest consumers of power in events. Ensure they are properly connected and have a stable power supply.

  6. Safety Measures: Implement safety measures like grounding, using weatherproof equipment for outdoor events, and having a clear plan for dealing with electrical emergencies. Regular safety checks and adherence to local electrical codes and standards are necessary.

  7. Professional Assistance: It’s highly recommended to hire or consult with a certified electrician or an electrical engineer, especially for large events. They can ensure that the electrical setup is safe, efficient, and compliant with legal requirements.

  8. Permits and Inspections: Depending on the location and scale of the event, you may need to obtain permits from local authorities. This might also involve inspections to ensure that the electrical setup meets safety standards.

  9. Backup Plan: Have a backup plan in case of power failures. This could include backup generators, spare fuses, and a clear action plan for restoring power.

  10. Post-Event Dismantling: Plan for the safe and efficient dismantling of the electrical setup after the event, ensuring that all equipment is properly turned off and disconnected.

Each event is unique, so the electrical setup must be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the event. Safety should always be the top priority.

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Very professional and courteous!

Very professional and courteous! I will hire Meer again for other work! Good job! Price is very good too!!

Kwang Kim
Roswell, GA

Quick response

I have been very pleased with all the work done for me by all Meer employees involved. Quick response with excellent technicians.

Tom Embrey
Alpharetta, GA

Meer Electric is the best!!

Meer Electric is the best!! The entire process from start to finish was so easy. We had a big project and we were concerned about the scope of work that needed to be completed, we were worried about budgeting and we had tight timelines to work inside of. Meer worked around all of that and our project was completed quickly and at a very fair price.

The crew there are friendly, professional and a pleasure to have hired. If we need electrical work done again we’ll call Meer without hesitation.

Thank you so much Brian, Sahand, Luis!

Crystal T.
Alpharetta, GA

Excellent service, very reliable

Meer is quick to answer calls and schedule appointments. I have even had to ask then to revisit an installation on a ceiling fan to rewire the remote control to the wall switch and they were quick to respond. Their techs are very friendly and neat. They dispose of boxes and old fixtures.

I have been looking for a good reliable electrician for a while. This is my service.

Kristin J.
Cumming, GA