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Mon-Fri 07:30 AM - 05:30 PM
405 Tidwell Dr, Alpharetta, GA, 30004
Mon-Fri 07:30 AM - 05:30 PM
Residential Electrical Repair and Installation
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Meer Electric is a full service electric company
Seasoned Professionals You Can Rely On
Meer Electric stands as your comprehensive electric solutions provider, covering a spectrum of services ranging from intricate circuit board work and new outlet installations to rewiring projects and essential repairs. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who are dedicated to addressing all your residential electrical requirements with proficiency and care. When welcoming a service provider into your home, especially for crucial tasks like electrical work, trust becomes paramount. At Meer Electric, we understand the significance of this trust. Our unwavering commitment to reliability and integrity ensures that every professional entering your abode is someone you can wholeheartedly rely on. Your peace of mind is our priority.

At Meer Electric, we’ve built our business on trust for more than 40 years.

All our licensed electricians are fully certified and insured. And, for your protection, every employee submits to both drug and background testing. Our electricians can come to your home to diagnose and repair any problem you may be having. We will do all your electrical work to meet or exceed the National Electrical Code using quality products to guarantee an excellent job for you.

All the electrical materials we install for your project are top of the line, and more importantly installed correctly by one of our trained, professional, & highly experienced electricians. We can help you implement the latest in technology for the ultimate in convenience at home like programmable lighting controls that can be accessed from your phone or iPad, and complete home theater installation. We are constantly reinvesting in our business and new equipment in order to provide Atlanta area homeowners with professional electrical service second to none in the area.
From our home base in Alpharetta, Georgia we’ve been providing top quality electrical service to homeowners across the region. Time and again our customers in Roswell, Milton , Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Woodstock and Cumming tell us they are simply thrilled with our combination of great customer service, quality electrical workmanship, and, of course, our reasonable rates. Some of the home electrical services we offer in the Roswell-Alpharetta-Milton area include:
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Why should you Hire a Professional Electrician
Hiring a professional electrician is not just a prudent choice, but a critical one that ensures the safety and well-being of your loved ones and the longevity of your property. Electricity, while indispensable, can also be perilous in unskilled hands. A qualified electrician brings expertise and experience that mitigates risks of electrical mishaps, protecting your home from potential fires, shocks, and other hazards. Their in-depth understanding of intricate wiring systems and adherence to stringent safety codes guarantee impeccable workmanship. Attempting DIY electrical work may lead to costly mistakes, whereas a professional not only averts those errors but also provides a comprehensive solution that caters to your specific needs. By enlisting a skilled electrician, you’re investing in peace of mind, safeguarding your family, and preserving the integrity of your cherished abode for years to come.
When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at 1 (770) 993-8028. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!
Use Meer Electric for Your Electrical Needs

Ensure safety; hire certified professionals for home electrical repairs. Prevent hazards, protect investments, and secure peace of mind.

Upgrade home lighting: enhance ambiance, increase efficiency, elevate aesthetics. Brighten spaces, modernize living. Illuminate possibilities, embrace change.

Motion lights enhance security, illuminate pathways, and provide convenience by responding to movement. A smart home or business essential.

Enhanced security, real-time alerts, remote monitoring, crime deterrence, evidence recording, smart integrations, convenience, peace of mind, energy savings, user-friendly.

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Enhanced airflow, energy savings, aesthetic appeal, reduced AC reliance, increased comfort, cost-effective, eco-friendly, ambient lighting, quiet operation, improved circulation.